Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Secret est un mot transparent,,or "COGNATE"

trouve dans l'article du NYTimes
A well-kept secret, full of surprises

Mieko Shiomi

Mieko Shiomi. Event for the Midday (In the Sunlight). 1963. Event Score. Ink on paper, 4 9/16 x 7″ (11.5 x 17.8 cm)
Mieko Shiomi. Event for the Midday (In the Sunlight). 1963. Event Score. Ink on paper, 4 9/16 x 7″ (11.5 x 17.8 cm)

Complementing Ono’s Grapefruit are a number of small event cards by Mieko Shiomi that elicit the spectator to perform mundane tasks of the mind and body. Asking participants to open and shut their eyes seven times at varying intervals over the course of seven minutes and then to look at their hands, Event for the Midday (In the Sunlight) is emblematic of the mundane nature of these events. Shiomi’s scores resonate with George Brecht’s concept of the Event Score, which he originated during John Cage’s proto-Fluxus experimental composition course at New York’s New School for Social Research in the late 1950s. Although Cage too performed at Sogetsu, Shiomi developed her concept for the Event Score outside of his tutelage and unaware of Brecht’s concurrent activities. It would be Maciunas’s intervention that would cause these two parallel practices to intersect in Fluxus compilations like the anthologies and Fluxkits

Shigeko Kubota. Letter to George Maciunas. 1964. Ink and collaged photograph on rice paper, 37 7/16 x 10 5/8″ (95 x 27 cm)
In the rightmost corner of the display hangs a conspicuous correspondence from Shigeko Kubota to Maciunas informing him of her decision to accept his invitation to join the Fluxus collective in New York in 1964. At first glance, this letter appears out of place in the context of the rest of the Fluxus scores, but as Kubota notes in her prose, this letter is staging what she considered the biggest performance of her life—leaving Tokyo to begin a new life in a foreign city. As this correspondence suggests, the dynamic programming at Sogetsu piqued Maciunas’s fascination with experimental Japanese artists and built bridges that conceptually and physically linked Fluxus artists across continents.
These Fluxus scores, among others, are on display in Tokyo: 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde, now through February 25, 2013.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

new bilingual statement pour ma brochure,..LMCOLLAGE

Laurence Neron-Bancel is interested in how memory works as a (re)constructive process that reproduces, filters, changes, and interprets the past and the present. As such, her collages are built through a process of exploring the notions of collection, recollection, juxtaposition and adaptation.She derives her inspiration from a deep desire to retain a sense of fantasy, youth and freedom within her life. She also loves to use materials which might otherwise easily be ignored or discarded.
Born in France, Laurence has lived in the New York Area since 1996.Voluntary work as a docent at the Whitney Museum of American Art since 2008,  as well as at the Neuberger Museum of Art since 1999 has given her an extensive knowledge of art history that reinforces her own artistic choices.
In addition to this academic training, Laurence’s professional experience organizing trips to museums, galleries, international art fairs and artists’ studios, keeps her in tune with the latest trends in New York’s vibrant art scene.

Laurence Neron-Bancel a trouvé sa voie en recyclant les nombreux journaux, magazines et toutes sortes d’objets que tout autre jetterait mais qui finissent par trouver leur place dans ses collages.. En les juxtaposant et en jouant sur la nouvelle signification que désormais ces images ou mots acquièrent, l artiste livre un commentaire sur la société, notre manière de vivre dans un monde contemporain de plus en plus global et le rôle de la mémoire.
Née et éduquée en France et vivant aux Usa depuis 1996, Laurence Neron-Bancel n’est plus vraiment typiquement française mais pas pour autant  vraiment américaine. Son travail de guide  au Whitney Museum of American Art et dans les foires internationales d art contemporain, sert de toile de fond lui permettant d’exprimer sa vision avec originalité et humour.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

NEW SAINT HILAIRE is launching this summer ART MAIL

Thinking of all my fans..who are not travelling to France,,and even if you go to France,,Saint Hilaire might be not on your "route" let's get creative..and do our own artmail project.
think about a word or a sentence,..that is exactly written the same way in french and in English ,,and means the same,,,if you can't find about it around you and you will find quite quickly someone who is going to help you,...and last resort you can go online..;postID=1687985803079845669;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=1;src=postname
and you will fingd a list of what is called "COGNATES" ..
(what an uggly name!)..
Send a letter with this word or sentence or locution written,.. drawn ..painted,....embroidery.... you can add..the story behind: why this word, how you found it..decorate it ..draw..spit..whatever..NO

THIRD STEP you have to SEND IT BY MAIL WITH A STAMP  to the following address:
Eglise du vieux Saint Hilaire
87800 Saint Hilaire les places

and I will exhibit it *, take a picture of it and post the photograph on this  Facebook page with your name if you signed it.
*Of course..I have to receive it before August 2nd 2015!...
Let's start....

Monday, June 1, 2015

BOS 2015 >>?= Bushwick OPEN STUDIO 2015 JUNE 5-7 2015....

Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) is a three-day arts and culture festival, hosted annually by the volunteer organization Arts in Bushwick (AiB). Now in its ninth year, this celebration of our neighborhood’s vibrant community and local art scene is free and open to the public. The festival will take place from June 5-7, 2015. Open studios hours vary per artist, so check the directory for precise times. Most studios are open 12pm – 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.
BOS is New York’s largest open studios event, encouraging hundreds of artists to open their doors and share their work. Additionally, visitors can enjoy a series of events, performances, and panels, coordinated by AiB. Participating artists, spaces, and events are listed in the official BOS directory online, on our iPhone app, and in our printed map book. The free printed map will be available to pick up at official BOS 2015 Hub spaces during the festival.


Qui dit Limousin..pense a...

autre chose que la Porcelaine...?
en vue @ the frick collection? Léonard Limousin....
on view..: 
this one is not on view but I could not resist...
Pierre Reymond (Workshop of)  (1513 - after 1584)
The Agony in the Garden, mid to late 16th century
Painted enamel on copper, partly gilded
Plaque: 8 x 6 1/4 in. (20.3 x 15.9 cm)
Roundels: diam. 2 1/16 in. (5.2 cm)
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Henry Clay Frick, II, 2005
Accession number: 2005.4.01

eh oui.......... les EMAUX....

et a ce propos ,,Emaux artistiques:

  Durant les mois de Juillet et Août, je vous propose des ateliers d'initiation d'une durée d'environ 2h durant lesquels chaque participant réalisera l'émaillage de son médaillon de cuivre. 
Vous choisirez un décor parmi ceux proposés ou selon votre propre idée et vous pourrez ensuite l'émailler avec la dizaine de couleurs mise à disposition. Vous assisterez à la cuisson et repartirez avec votre oeuvre terminée.

Ces ateliers se déroulent à SAINT YRIEIX LA PERCHE,
Ouvert à tout public à partir de 7 ans.
Horaires : en matinée ou en après midi, à votre convenance.
Tarif par personne : 25€.
Formatrice détentrice du  CAP d'Emailleur d'Art sur Métaux et du Brevet d'Aptitudes aux Fonctions d'Animateur.

Pour vous inscrire prenez contact.

Pour cette année 2015, les stages auront lieu 
à la Maison du Patrimoine à ST YRIEIX LA PERCHE
les 09 et 18 juillet et les 04 et 20 Août (matin ou après midi). 
Si ces dates ne vous conviennent pas il est possible de vous en proposer d'autres. Dans tous les cas merci de vous inscrire.

D'autres Ateliers d'émail  plus poussés peuvent aussi vous être proposés à SAINT YRIEIX LA PERCHE consistant à réaliser 
l'émaillage d'un décor sur une petite plaque de cuivre. Renseignez vous!