Wednesday, September 30, 2009

KICKING OFF OHNY Weekend..........

Get your Guide in Metro

The 2009 OHNY Weekend event guide will be available as an insert in Metro New York on Friday, October 2 and Monday, October 5. Full program listings will be available on at 10 pm on Thursday, October 1. Sites and programs that require advance reservations will start at 9 am on Friday, October 2.

to be LMNY or not...

This is a question often asked: Do I need to join LMNY to join the group from time to time?
And the answer is:NO
1-, if you just arrived, you may come a first time, to see how it goes and if this suits you.

2-, the planning is published on this blog and on the website (but not updated)
3-, you can always call me and ask if you can join us.
4-, You pay each time an additional $10

If so, why join? (because I can see some of you wondering why pay the first year $150 and for the following 3 years a discounted membership. (After you become a special "emeritus Member" and you do not pay the annual fees!..Already 4 LMNY Members are Emeritus!)

If you join,
1-you will be reminded of the program and by "saving" 1 or 2 dates per month, you will end up by going to New York more and more often.
2-You are informed first and giving a certain priority for booking.
This year, I will program more Galleries Walks and the maximum size I would like to keep is no more than 10.
3-Non members are not garanteed a space.
4-You are part of a group of motivated persons

Any questions?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's going on ..on the HIGH LINE ?

Wednesday Sept. 30, 6:30 pm in the 14th Street Passage
Artist Spencer Finch will be giving a lecture on his High Line installation, The River That Flows Both Ways, and other works.

Photo by David B. Smith
Thursday Oct. 1, 4 to 8 pm in the 14th St. Passage
Artists Lisa Sigal and Paul Ramirez Jonas will once again bring their collaborative art project Specials to the High Line. They have fashioned a mobile cart into a roving art gallery/food service station which they use to display artwork and serve homemade tacos. Each time Specials is performed, it is different. This week, they show a selection of artists who were in the 1993 Whitney Biennial, including Kiki Smith, Glenn Ligon and Fred Wilson, and serve a spicy pumpkin taco. Rumor has it there may be art world luminaries on hand as guest taco servers!

Hope to see you there!

Check the "official" website:

Monday, September 28, 2009


What about TONIGHT ?..A French Crooner is in Town

Antoine sent you a message.

Subject: French crooner "alive" at Opia

Monday September 28:
Antoine Bleck piano/ vocalsDavid Siliman percussions
Itaiguara Brandao bass
Kevin Hunter guitar

Opia130 E 57 ( corner of Lexington)
7h30 and 9pm sets
no cover, no minimum,
space is limited. call opia to reserve a table
212 688 3939

Would you like to visit that place?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A message from Veronique Lauras...About Abraham House..

Private Fall Sale and help Abraham House

Paniqceramic invites you and your friends to discover their new fall collection in ceramic, tableware, houseware stylist accessories

Join them

Marina Fadel fabulous handmade hair accessories for girls.

Have a taste of France... with Didier Berlioz (Pastry Chef) wonderful goodies... chocolate, madelaine and much more...

Monday , october 5th 8.00 am to 2.00 pm
Tuesday, october 6th 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

The private sale takes place
236 , Robert Drive in New-Rochelle ( Pinebrook)

15% of sale to benefit Abraham House

To know more about Abraham House

Thursday, September 24, 2009

des nouvelles des artistes membres de l'accueil de New York

paru dans la ENewsletter du 25 Septembre...
Nos membres exposent:
-Exposition jusqu'en novembre pour Pauline Galiana, membre d'ANY, et notre graphiste préferrée.
TAI/ Group 150 West 30th st, 14th Floor
Pauline organisera des visites pendant le w/e en Octobre et Novembre.
Inscription à: ou 1 212 749 1522
-Marchés d'automne du vendredi 9 Octobre au dimanche 1er Novembre pour Katia Lambey, notre secrétaire générale:
Lieu: coté ouest du Madison Square Park sur Fifth & Broadway Avenues, entre la 23eme et la 25eme rue. Stand OSE.
Heures: tous les jours de 11h00 à 20h00.
De plus c'est sympa de se ballader dans le petit parc et découvrir le Flatiron building pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a vos agendas, les parisiennes..GALERIE VARINE-GINCOURT

Veronique Payan Bellin Invitation à mon vernissage qui se déroule à la Galerie Varine-Gincourt

la galerie est ouverte du mardi au samedi de 13h30 à 18h30.
Le vernissage a lieu le Mardi 29 septembre de 17 à 21 heures

metro Ternes ou Courcelles

Message from....?? Qui peut m'avoir envoye ces infos??

Message from....?? Qui peut m'avoir envoye ces infos??
J'offre une serie de mes 3 nouvelles cartes a celui ou celle qui devine le nom de ma mysterieuse source pour les infos suivantes:
PS La signature est un indice de taille)

Diner ,Griffone tous les soirs sur les nappes en papier par des serveuses tatouees, le memu de ce bistrot est dicte par les arrivages du marche ....., poisson peche au large de Long Island ......
# Diner, 85 Brodway, Williamsburg 718 486 3077
# Marlow and Daughters, 95 Brodway, Williamsburg 718 388 5700

Egg, un lieu qui reconcilie les plaisirs du ptit dej ricain. Les pancakes sont aeriens les oeufs
brouilles bio .....
# 135 North 5th st, Williamsburg 718 302 5151
Prime meats, 465 court Street, Carroll Gardens 718 254 0327

Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket
Les fermiers des environs de NY vendent sur ce marche de Park Slope ou chefs et simples mortels s'appovisionnent.......
Tous les samedis entree nord ouest de Prospect Park

pizza pate aux fanes de bettraves et a la ricotta,...
295 Flatbush Avenue
Prospect Heights 718 2300221

Bklyn Larder
..... epicerie fine ......
228 Flatbush Avenue, Prospect Heights 718 783 1250

Le fooding loves brooklyn

Prenez 6 cherfs parisiens, 6 chefs NY ...... vous obtiendrez le 'food d'amour Paris New York' premiere aventure americaine du mouvement culinaire francais> ..... le 25 et 26 sept au centre d'art contemporain PS1 dans le Queens.

+ le lien LCI,,4764840,00-visite-du-petit-paris-de-new-york-.html

Kiss et Bisous a Michel !!!!!!!!

Some News from Vickie Fremont

Creation exclusive Bijou /pendentif (argent, coral et brass Yoruba)

© Créatrice bijoux : Vickie Fremont – Styliste Henry N. Jackson

Check the other photos :

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NEXT LMNY OUTING : OCTOBER 8th and October 15th

check the website

2 dates in October
but only 1 date OCTOBER 15th to meet the artist:
Bruce Thurmann..
check his website: or not and meet Bruce.."en vrai"

Monday, September 21, 2009

last weekend I sat on this chair..It could be yours!

Check the website
and do not hesitate to go and meet Matko.......

message from a French Artist( I do not know him but so what?)


I has sent the following message as a reminder
I am a french artist, currently living in New York,
My Opening Shows this week in Manhattan at:
► Rogue Space Chelsea Video
Champagne & Appertizers (Free)
w hen : Friday, September 25, 2009 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
where : 526 W 26th St. #9E- Betw. 10th & 11th Av. New York.
► Chelsea Art 32 Gallery website
Wine & Appertizers (Free)
w hen : Wednesday, September 23, 2009 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
where : 2 West 32nd Street, Betw. 5th & 6th Av. New York.
"ROGUE SPACE offers a new way for artists to reach maximum exposure..." Columnist Joe Bendik, of Chelsea Clinton News, writes about the recent Group Shows at Rogue Space Chelsea. Buoyed by such encouraging reviews and an increasing buzz about these shows, we will be having our fourth International Group Show & Artists Workshop September 25th."
Thank you for your time and for your consideration.
If not available and you like my art try to support me, many thanks.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any information.
Alexandre Guillaume
► My folio
► My Website
► Toronto Gallery

My Website :
Art Studio/ Atelier : 65 West Broadway - New York, NY 10007 USA

Friday, September 18, 2009

Great Opening

Of course! The buffet was catered by the CHef PHILIPPE RAYER ..Does his name sound French? YES....Catering L'Art Culinaire
Catered in your home

Opening night will be held in support of the Northern Westchester Shelter, a save haven for victims of domestic violence.


The show is on, SATURDAY from 12pm to 8pm and Sunday from 12pm to 6 pm
Hope to see you there

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Demain, vendredi 18 Septembre de 9h à 17h

Bocante d’Automne du Westchester Accueil
1 Highwood Avenue - Larchmont
Les bonnes affaires de la rentrée pour une bonne cause ! Organisée au profit des associations ATD Quart Monde et Abraham House, la Brocante d'Automne du Westchester Accueil propose des vêtements pour enfants et adultes en très bon état (beaucoup de marques françaises), de l’électroménager, du petit mobilier, des articles de sport, des objets de décoration, du linge de maison, des jouets et mille autres trouvailles qui vous aideront à démarrer la rentrée dans la bonne humeur.

Contact et Informations :
Milena Leonard : (914) 834 0282 -
Anne Deneuville :


RDV % Laurence Neron-Bancel

Welcome Coffee from 8-10 am and then off to KATONAH MUSEUM to see DRESS CODES: clothing as Metaphor"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lifetime Movie about Georgia O'KEEFFE airing on sept 19th ..........

The Lifetime movie about Georgia O'Keefe is airing on 9/19 on the Lifetime channel.
Please see the link below for more information.

PS Thank you Sharon for this great information

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gallery "The figure and its realities" Wall text @ the Whitney

"In art, “realism” in its broadest sense means a believable depiction of the world. It can also refer to the portrayal of the unidealized—real people and everyday life. American artists who worked in a realist, or more broadly, a representational mode often explored the nation and its inherent cultural, social, and economic realities.
While those artists working in a figurative tradition might seem less avant-garde than those working with abstraction, their interest in “low” or ordinary subject matter and rejection of conventional beauty was progressive in its own right. Their engagement with the idea of “the real” did not always lead to a faithful transcription of reality. This is especially true in Edward Hopper’s work, which is often closer to surrealism than common experience. Like a number of American artists, Hopper created subtle shifts in observable reality for expressive ends even as he kept his eye grounded in what he saw everyday."

Monday, September 14, 2009

Theater? Did you say The Schoolhouse Theater?

"Westchester's sole claim to consistent professional theater."
- The New York Times

“The Schoolhouse Theater is as good as regional theater gets,
and we’re lucky to have it such a short ride away.”
- The Bedford Record Review


Sunday, October 18, 2009 at 3pm

Join us to celebrate and honor
our very own Bea Matz
at our
2009 Schoolhouse Benefit
Enjoy a special 3 pm performance of our first show of the season Rose

followed by a luscious light champagne supper
and vintage clothing fashion show

Merriam-Webster says it best...
BE (verb): to have life; to flourish, prosper, exist, thrive.
That's Bea alright!
Tickets are $100 for subscribers and $125 for non-subscribers


The Schoolhouse is located at 3 Owens Road, Croton Falls, NY, just off exit 8 on I-684. For information and reservations, call 914-277-8477. Visit The Schoolhouse on the web at

OUR 2009-2010 SEASON!

By Martin Sherman
October 15 to November 1, 2009

Kimberly Akimbo
By David Lindsay-Abaire
March 4 to March 28, 2010

The Imaginary Invalid
By Moliere
May 13 to June 6, 2010

Call 914-277-8477 today

Join our mailing list!

About Us
The Schoolhouse Theater is a unique setting for the arts in Westchester. Built in 1926, the two-story brick building served as an active school until 1976. Gallery spaces exhibit the work of many fine local artists, while the theater seats audiences of less than 100. Theater-goers enjoy the intimate quality of the space, as well as the all-Equity casts who bring theatrical excellence and experience from Broadway to Croton Falls.
* * * * * * * * * * * *
What the Critics Are Saying
The New York Times has called The Schoolhouse Theater "Westchester's sole claim to consistent, professional theater, where people can see plays they are not likely to see elsewhere." The Schoolhouse is a regional Equity theater, dedicated to presenting professional theatrical performances by award-winning American playwrights.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's going on @ Muscoot FARM?: A LOT, even art!

Discover MUSCOOT FARM check the website:

Hi Laurence,

Here is the art show info. We are a group of about 11-15 women who are called The Westchester Artists Guild. We paint every Wednesday at
St. Bartholomew's in White Plains. We decided to have an art show
at Muscoot Farm in Katonah because one of the women had a show there last year and it was very successful. There is one more weekend to
go. The hours are 12-4PM. , Sat. and Sun. All are welcome to join,
men and women.
The name of the show is Visions.
Best regards,


Saturday, September 12, 2009

published in French Morning News

Les photos de Sophie Delaporte à NYC

10 septembre 2009
Auteur(e) :
Morgane Guirriec
envoyer par mail Pour la première fois, Sophie Delaporte expose ses photos à New York. Cette photographe française propose un travail empreint de surréalisme et de poésie
La jeune photographe française diplomée de l’Ecole Louis Lumière de Paris présente "Early Fashion Work" au public New Yorkais. Sophie Delaporte qui a notamment travaillé pour le magazine Vogue est connue pour mettre en scène des situations qui n’existent pas dans la vraie vie, oscillant ainsi entre rêve et réalité, à l’image des contes de fées. Une réception sera organisée le 17 septembre à l’occasion de l’ouverture de l’exposition qui durera jusqu’au 30 octobre.

"Early Fashion Work" de Sophie Delaporte du 17 september au 30 octobe à la galerie Sous les Etoiles. 560 Broadway between Prince & Spring streets Soho

Friday, September 11, 2009

UBS Announces Closure of New York-Based Art Gallery in November 2009

NEW YORK, NY.- UBS has decided to close The UBS Art Gallery located at 1285 Avenue of the Americas in New York. The Gallery will close after the current exhibition, Jack Tworkov: Against Extremes – Five Decades of Painting, finishes its run on October 27, 2009. This decision follows recently announced cost-cutting measures, including headcount reductions, organizational realignments, savings initiatives and change programs. The UBS Art Collection remains unaffected by the decision to close the Gallery they say.

The UBS Art Gallery was started as a resource for regional non-profit institutions, providing them with a midtown Manhattan exhibition space. The Gallery has collaborated with museums throughout the Northeast on a wide variety of exhibitions, from painting, sculpture and photography to quilts, ceramics and furniture.

“A large part of The UBS Art Gallery’s success is due to its director, Colin Thomson, who I’d like to thank for his curatorial expertise, dedication, and initiative,” said Mark Arena, Managing Director and Head of Corporate Communications, Americas. “Our hope is that as the markets recover and if circumstances change, we would like to reconsider the viability of The UBS Art Gallery.”
Source Art Knowledge News

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lectures, Panels, and Dialogues @ the NEUBERGER this coming MONDAY

Betsabee Romero Artist based in Mexico City ”the archeological Imprint of Speed: A contemporary Reading of Precolumbian Cylindrical Seals”
Lectures, Panels, and Dialogues
Renowned artists from Latin America and university scholars explore the legacies of Pre-Columbian aesthetics in the lecture series Pre-Columbian Art through the Eyes of Modern and Contemporary Artists.

Learn about the multiple relationships that modern and contemporary artists have established with Pre-Columbian art.

September 14 features artist Betsabée Romero on
The Archaeological Imprint of Speed: A Contemporary Reading of Pre-Columbian Cylindrical Seals.

Betsabée Romero lives and works in Mexico City. Known as the “mechanic artist”, she is famous for her transformation of automobiles and their components—carved tires, painted hoods etc.— into Pre-Columbian icons, colonial imagery, or contemporary popular Mexican objects (like the votive images).

See additional images of her work (on the neuberger website)

Download a flyer with complete series information .
Additional dates: Sept 21, Oct 12, Oct 26, Nov 2, Nov 9, Nov 16 & Nov 30.

The series is held in tandem with a seminar entitled Pre-Columbian Aesthetics in Modern Latin American Art offered in the Art History Department at Purchase College and taught by Patrice Giasson, Curator of the Art of the Americas, Neuberger Museum of Art and Assistant Professor, Purchase College.

The series is open to the public and free of charge.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

INCROYABLE........but sad if it is true........

Payard Patisserie and Bistro Closes
The patisserie and bistro, Payard, sold its last meal on Sunday June 29, 2009 due to a doubling of rent by the landlord. Owner and chef François Payard, who has many other restaurants globally, is rumored to be looking for a new location.

A verifier!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

About the upcoming show at the Whitney: Georgia O'KEEFFE

Philadelphia Museum of Art

‘Red & Orange Streak,’ 1919 by Georgia O'Keeffe, Oil on canvas, 27 x 23 in.

Thank you Sharon, for letting us know about this article published in the Wall Street Journal
A Georgia O'Keeffe Retrospective
Painting a New Picture of Georgia O'Keeffe :An exhibit of little-known abstracts attempts to recast the artist's legacy By CANDACE JACKSON SEPTEMBER 3, 2009, 8:56 P.M. ET
Georgia O'Keeffe's paintings of weathered ram skulls, calico roses and adobe buildings are some of the world's most recognizable works of art, but critics have often dismissed her work as commercial, crowd-pleasing fare.
This fall, a new exhibit will attempt to redefine that legacy. The expansive retrospective, which opens at New York's Whitney Museum of American Art on Sept. 17, will focus on O'Keeffe's lesser-known abstract works. The show will eventually travel to the Phillips Collection in Washington and the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, N.M. It marks the first major exhibition of her work in New York in more than 20 years.
Read more............ LIFE & STYLE SEPTEMBER 3, 2009, 8:56 P.M. ET Painting a New Picture of Georgia O'Keeffe
An exhibit of little-known abstracts attempts to recast the artist's legacy....

@ the Cultural Services of the French Embassy: “In-Eyes" Opening ,,featuring Juliette Binoche

“In-Eyes,” is an exhibition of portraits and poetry by Juliette Binoche at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. Including 58 ink washes on paper, In-Eyes is her first-ever art show on American soil and offers a unique opportunity to discover a new facet of this multi-talented French artist. It opened on September 9th, 2009 at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York.

Ever since receiving a commission from the Cahiers du Cinéma for a series of portraits in July 2007, Ms. Binoche has not stopped painting during her movie shoots. But she has been painting for far longer, and first showed her work publicly in the 1990s (in 1991 her art work was featured in the movie The Lovers on the Bridge, in which she starred as a painter, and in 1993 she exhibited a series of work done in collaboration with French designer/artist Christian Fenouillat). Favoring portraits, Ms. Binoche has not only depicted many of the famous directors with whom she has worked but also characters she has played, in what is a rather unique spin on the self-portrait tradition. “In-Eyes” feature 29 “triptychs,” each associating one of these character self-portraits, a portrait of the movie’s director, and a poem addressed to him or her. These works offer a personal view, full of emotion, of the key encounters that have influenced her movie career.

“In-Eyes” is on display from Thursday September 10 to Friday October 9 (weekdays from 1pm - 6pm. closed weekends) at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy at 972 5th avenue in New York. Admission is free.

In September 2009, the various talents of Juliette Binoche converge in New York City and Brooklyn in “In-I & Jubilations,” a month-long series of artistic events that include dance performances (Akram Khan’s “In-I” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music), a new film release (Paris by Cédric Klapisch), a film retrospective (BAM), and book signings (Portraits In-Eyes).

Photo Credits: François Leloup-Collet

Monday, September 7, 2009

Direct from LM Chicago

Thank you Vero for this great link...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Where is Art?

Art is everywhere ...and on a tennis court right now in New York.....
Do not miss the US Open......
If you want to enjoy art at the same time you not miss the QUEENs Museum of Art..and the famous NY PANORAMA

Friday, September 4, 2009

About Alice Neel...

Alice Neel’: Portrait of the Artist as a Grandmother
Andrew Neel, the 28-year-old grandson of the seminal painter Alice Neel, has created a compelling, prismatic portrait of the artist, who rose to fame during the seventies. Documenting facets of her life and work — from her bravura portrait painting to the sometimes painful consequences of her bohemian lifestyle — the director pieces together archival footage and intimate interviews with family members, including his father, Hartley, and his uncle Richard, along with comments from art historians and fellow painters. Alice Neel, which runs at Cinema Village through May 17, traces the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of this idiosyncratic and indomitable artist, avoiding sentimentality while touching on some poignant family history. We spoke with Andrew Neel.

Was it a conscious choice for you to remain behind the camera?
Yes, very much so. I felt it was more interesting if I were not embodied literally in the movie, because I have this removed perspective on who she was — I don’t really remember her very well. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of a lot of films that have similar subject matter, where it suddenly becomes this self-searching, self-serving, self-therapeutic thing where you’re examining your own trauma. Alice’s story is much more compelling.

So you weren’t going to take the My Architect route.
There were a lot of things about that film that I vehemently did not want do.

There’s one point in the film where you ask your father how Neel managed to make ends meet. He's uncomfortable and asks you if the camera is on. Then you keep filming.
I knew the conversation was going to get interesting, so I was playing my relationship with him a little bit. What’s so funny about that is that I was aware that I could get that roughshod tension, so I was trying to capture that in a spontaneous filmmaking sense. It was not exactly surreptitious. He knew the camera was back on him.

In addition to your father, Hartley, and your uncle Richard, you interviewed about twenty people in the finished film. What was left on the cutting-room floor?
I think we interviewed between 50 and 60 people. I did that for two reasons, one because I was searching for a way to give this film something more than a traditional academic review of her life, but the second reason was that I felt it was my duty to document this stuff. A lot of these people are old, and by the time I’m middle-aged most everyone who has ever been painted by Alice will be dead. So we had about 100 hours of my footage and maybe 50 hours of scattered archival footage that we cut down to 82 minutes.

Is there anything you regret having to leave out?
From an old-fashioned documentarian point of view, it was unfortunate that I had to leave out my bit on communism and politics. [Neel was involved with the Communist party and had a show in the Soviet Union in 1981. She was politically active, marching in protests and painting civil-rights and labor leaders.] It was one of last things to go. But in the end I decided her humanitarian politics were quite clear, so I didn’t feel it was an egregious omission.

There’s a great moment when the film goes silent and you focus, one by one, on a number of Alice’s paintings.
The thing that was on the top of my list was integrating the work in a visually stunning way. We went to great lengths to shoot the paintings themselves in high definition because they’ve got to be alive as works of art. They have so much emotion and action and flesh and blood. And second on my list was telling the story of her life in an emotional way.

Did your feeling about Alice’s paintings change through making the film?
One of the more valuable things I learned is just a real love for paint. It’s like a wine aficionado. I have a soft spot now for ballsy paint-handling, and I don’t think I necessarily realized that aspect of Alice’s work until I made the film.

You won an award for your film Darkon, about the people who play that [role-playing] game. What are you working on now?
I am co-directing a movie with [New York video artist] Michel Auder right now that’s called The Feature. It’s the story of Michel’s life through his own footage, but fictionalized. I would call it a “fiction biopic.” —Phoebe Hoban


Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Message from Olivier Perrachon and Cognac One

Save the date for a wine tasting: Saturday,September 12, 2009
Dear Friends,

I hope this email finds you well. Soon after my graduation from Hamilton College in May, I joined Cognac One whom I'm representing in New York State. Our wines--which I truly enjoy--are stocked at the most prestigious restaurants and wine stores in the region including: Le Bilboquet, Bagatelle, Flute, Boathouse, Le Charlot, Le Bateau Ivre, Plaza Hotel, La Grenouille, Garnet Liquors, Columbus Circle Wines.

Please join me for a wine tasting which I'm hosting at Post Wines and Spirits on Saturday, September 12 from 3:30PM to 6:30PM.

I look forward to seeing you there. Please circulate to your friends and neighbors.

Thanks very much for your support in my first business venture!

Best wishes,


Xavier Flouret Wines will be pouring:
Our excellent Côtes de Provence (Rosé), which has received a 92 rating from Wine & Spirits Magazine and an 88 from The Wine Spectator
We will also taste our award-winning Ribera del Duero Crianza, which received a Bronze Medal at the San Francisco International Wine Competition.

For further information, please contact:
Olivier Perrachon

About Antony Gormley in relation with the next exhibition at the Neuberger

BRUSSELS.- The Scottish enlightenment scientist Lord Kelvin asked the question about how space could be most efficiently bounded by an enclosing geometry the answer being found in those most elusive and fugitive of things: bubbles and foams which forms nesting cell structure of polyhedra. Bubbles form an intriguing geometry with tetrahedral nodes with elements combining at angles slightly less than 120 degrees. The breakthrough work: Aperture gives it’s name to and is the key to this Antony Gormley exhibition. It has an extraordinary relationship with a room, seeming a gap in space filled with the behavioural geometry of the bubble matrix. The outer edges of this form dynamically grasp the air.

In the last 3 years Gormley has been experimenting with cell aggregates of nesting polyhedra in both solid and space-frame forms turning the space of the body into an open framework of tetrahedral, cubic, dodecahedral and more complex polygons which, in his words, ‘achieved a breakthrough when released from a bounding skin.’

The main room of the Hufkens gallery for this exhibition from floor to ceiling and wall to wall will be entirely filled with a polyhedral space- frame into which the body of the viewer is invited to wander. Completely negating the orthogonal geometries of regular architecture, this aggregate surrounds a void: a human-shaped cave at around ten times life size.

The same body-at-rest is made massive and life-size and lies on the floor of the gallery up a short flight of stairs. The rest of the works in the exhibition continue to explore bubble geometry in a number of different ways - standing and falling forms in both solid and cloud formations.

Gormley’s work has always explored the body as a place rather than an object, and here he takes us into a new zone of structural complexity while at the same time evoking the body as an open space of possibility connected with the earth as well as space at large. The main installation could be conceived of as a space/time map in which hundreds of spheres are held in space by drawing a constellation between them within which the body of the viewer is allowed free passage.

Antony Gormley held his first exhibition at Xavier Hufkens in 1987. Since 1990 he has realized several large sculptural projects around the world such as Critical Mass, Field and Angel of the North. He won the prestigious Turner Prize in 1994. In recent years, he has exhibited, amongst others, at the Hayward Gallery and the British Museum, London, the Humlebaek Museum, Denmark, the Georg-Kolbe Museum, Berlin, the ICA, Singapore and at institutes in Australia and the United States. Closer to us, he will soon realize the monumental work Exposure in Lelystad, the Netherlands.

Visit the Xavier Hufkens Gallery at :

Source Art Knowledge News

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Y a t il des artistes lyonnais a New York?

L'association des "Lyonnais a New York" serait ravie d'accueillir tous les nouveaux venus meme ceux qui ne se considerent pas comme des artistes et meme ceux qui sont a New York depuis plus longtemps. Consulter le site internet
Des activites sont regulierement organisees. La newsletter vous est adressee par email tous les 2 a 3 mois...Dans la prochaine vous devriez pouvoir lire:

"Laurence Neron-Bancel est une Lyonnaise de New York qui expose régulièrement dans la région de New York, en Décembre 2009 à Chelsea (Cérès Gallery) et peut être même l’année prochaine à Lyon. Mais en attendant, vous pourrez voir ses œuvres lors des occasions suivantes :
Du 18 au 20 Septembre à Ossining au Nord de New York lors d’un salon de 3 jours organisé par « Touched by Design ». Information sur le site
le 24 Septembre à l’occasion d’un événement culturel et de fundraising organisé par la FASNY au Women’s Club de White Plains. More information on the FASNY's Website :

Alice NEEL was....

1970 Andy Warhol
Oil on Canvas
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Gift of Timothy Collins

Alice Neel was one of the great American painters of the twentieth century. She was also a pioneer among women artists. A painter of people, landscape and still life, Neel was never fashionable or in step with avant-garde movements. Sympathetic to the expressionist spirit of northern Europe and Scandinavia and to the darker arts of Spanish painting, she painted in a style and with an approach distinctively her own.

Neel was born near Philadelphia in 1900 and trained at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women. She became a painter with a strong social conscience and equally strong left-wing beliefs. In the 1930s she lived in Greenwich Village, New York and enrolled as a member of the Works Progress Administration for which she painted urban scenes. Her portraits of the 1930s embraced left wing writers, artists and trade unionists.

Neel left Greenwich Village for Spanish Harlem in 1938 to get away from the rarefied atmosphere of an art colony. There she painted the Puerto Rican community, casual acquaintances, neighbours and people she encountered on the street. In the 1960s she moved to the Upper West Side and made a determined effort to reintegrate with the art world. This led to a series of dynamic portraits of artists, curators and gallery owners, among them Frank O'Hara, Andy Warhol and the young Robert Smithson. She also maintained her practice of painting political personalities, including black activists and supporters of the women's movement.
In the 1970s, Neel began to paint portraits of her extended family as well as a major series of nudes. Neel's nudes played with the conventions of eroticism while asserting the female point of view.

Neel exhibited widely in America throughout the 1970s and in 1974 she held a retrospective exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. She was regularly invited to lecture on her work and became a role model for supporters of the feminist movement. She was elected a member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters (now the American Academy of Arts and Letters), the highest formal recognition of artistic merit in the USA, and received a number of national awards including the International Women's Year Award in 1976 and the National Women's Caucus for Art Award for outstanding achievement in the visual arts in 1979. She died in 1984.

The centenary of her birth was marked by a major travelling exhibition held at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York and the Philadelphia Museum of Art among other places.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

De la part d'une amie (Viviane Rombaldi Seppey) d'une amie (Mireille Vautier)

Pour feter mon installation au Islip Art Museum/ Carriage House mon atelier sera ouvert au public. Je profite pour vous inviter au vernissage (mardi) ou pour une visite.
En attachement vous trouverez toutes les informations.
Avec mes meilleures salutations,

Viviane Rombaldi Seppey