Thursday, June 30, 2016

Around Paris July 2nd? do not miss @ Le vesinet.. Expo au Vésinet, ce WE, 2 et 3 juillet

sent by the artist Myriam Delaoutre Delahoux
Subject: Expo au Vésinet, ce WE, 2 et 3 juillet
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

check out this "artist Retreat"..In Italy

 A good friend gave me this information...
Sounds great.

A good exemple to follow for LM Galerie in Hyeres
I love that term Artist retreat... compared to Artist residency..more vacations' feeling

Monday, June 27, 2016

2 great exhibits @ the Jewish Museum
Roberto Burle Marx: Brazilian Modernist

Isaac Mizrahi: An Unruly History

78th Street Studios in...Cleveland...plan to be there on the third friday


78th Street Studios is the largest art and design complex in Northeast Ohio, featuring 170,000 square feet of art galleries, artist studios, performance spaces, and music recording studios. We are home to the region's top Internet rock station, oWOW Radio and the country's 2nd largest rock and roll magazine, Alternative Press. Primarily known as an attraction for fine art, 78th Street Studios has quickly become an incubator for businesses in the fields of product design, publishing, music and special events. All viewing hours listed below are free and open to the public. For more information, contact: Martina Baginski at or 216-536-2200.


If you're looking for an authentic art experience that's customized beyond our weekly OPEN HOUSE or monthly THIRD FRIDAYS, look no further. The spaces inside 78th Street Studios are run by professionals who have decades of experience planning private events for groups of any size. We work with you to formulate an itinerary based on the goals of your organization and the types of art you'd like to see. Your guests can hear prepared remarks tailored to your program's theme, talk directly with the artists in an intimate setting, and explore a century-old property with a lot of character. Ideal for:
  • Human Resource departments planning a company retreat
  • Corporations extending a goodwill gesture to VIP clients
  • Associations offering specialized benefits to their members
  • Institutions facilitating lessons on entreprenuership in the arts
For more information, please contact Katie Powers at

Friday, June 24, 2016

Carillons en terre

Monday, June 20, 2016

RDV avec Pierre Fradet au 10ème salon des éditeurs indépendants du Quartier Latin

Bonsoir à tous,
Notre fils Pierre dédicacera la 2ème édition revue et augmentée de son ouvrage "Rio - Paris" samedi 25 juin de 13h à 15h et dimanche 26 juin de 14h à 19h au 10ème salon des éditeurs indépendants du Quartier Latin qui se déroulera au Lycée Henri IV à Paris.
Je vous invite à découvrir l'évènement et la présentation de la 2ème version de l'ouvrage au moyen des liens ci-dessous :,320
N'hésitez pas à profiter d'un moment agréable et détendu au coeur du Quartier Latin !
Bien amicalement,

Patrice Fradet