Sunday, January 20, 2008

SHOW: Another Last Year

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...Another Last Year

Group art on time. Another Last Year is a unique look at how artists working in various disciplines address the cyclical nature of cultural progression, as well as the inseparability of anxiety and the passage of time. Offering a glimpse into the minds of 12 artists, Ad Nauseam Lyceum presents a group exhibition investigating the relationship among time, progress, and process. The exhibition will include painting, photography, media, and sculpture by Amy Beecher, Brent Birnbaum, Matt Broach, Janna Coker, Cathleen Cueto, Danielle Durchslag, Scott Goodman, Sayaka Nagata, Anna Ogier-Bloomer, Carolyn Salas, Jake Scharbach, and Eli Stertz. Capturing the nostalgia of both the distant and recent past, each piece offers a glimpse into how these individual artists experience the passing of time with the coming of each new year. Another Last Year is both an examination and literal manifestation of an artistic process.

As part of their Friday Performance Series, Ad Nauseam would like to cordially invite you to tap yer toes to the ill tunes of Jesse Lynn, fierce songstress extraordinaire. Hilarity will ensue the following Friday (1/25) with post-meta-neo-dada performances by David McGee, Laura "Moss" O'Brien, and Mark Lindberg.

Ad Nauseam Lyceum is an artist-run organization committed to showcasing multidisciplinary work by emerging artists in New York. The group aims to give young artists an opportunity to collaborate, present work, and have a creative dialogue outside the traditional art market.

169 Avenue C, at 11th Street, Manhattan
8p; $free
Continues through February 2

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