Thursday, March 3, 2016

INFOS...Spring classes begin next week at the MAMARONECK Center for Continuing Education

Dear students and friends,

Spring classes begin next week at the Center for Continuing Education. If you or a friend haven't registered and want to join a class, go to while there is still time. Feel free to give my email to anyone who is considering a class but has questions. To accomodate as many as possible we will break for both Mamaroneck public school and French American School vacations.

America Through Literature - Tuesday mornings - This class is a mix of lectures and discussions of U.S. political, cultural and social history from the post Civil War period to the present day with the objective of gaining insight on the contemporary scene. We will read excerpts from a range of fiction and non-fiction, but also use photographs, maps, music and videos to illuminate the story.

Advanced Intermediate ESL - Wednesday mornings - In this class we engage in a variety of communicative activities to improve our listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, working on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. We use a textbook along with short stories and other materials.

Coffee and Current Events - Friday mornings -We have a lively conversation about events in the news. I email topics and links to articles early in the week enabling the group to have a focused and in-depth discussion.

Thanks for spreading the word!

All the best,
Kate Dehais

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