Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New @ Bowling Green Park

November 16: Seth Weiner installs myOpticon at Bowling Green Park
myOpticon, a thermal imaging system in the guise of coin-operated binoculars developed by Eyebeam Summer resident Seth Weiner, has been installed in Lower Manhattan’s Bowling Green Park and is now directed toward the United States Custom House. myOpticon constructs an image consisting only of the infrared radiation emitted by all objects as a function of surface temperature. The viewing device sees just as well in pitch darkness and fog as in broad daylight, rendering camouflage and the cover of night obsolete. In addition to constructing a thermal image, myOpticon provides surface temperature readings of any surface placed in its crosshairs.
myOpticon is open to the public through the end of the year. An informal reception will gather at dusk on November 16, 2007. Exhibited as part of NYC Park’s exhibition: Art in the Parks: Celebrating 40 Years of Art, myOpticon was made possible in part by a grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and the September 11 Fund. Additional support was provided by Eyebeam’s residency program and a Fellowship from New York Foundation for the Arts.

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