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about The Hermitage Artist Retreatand the Greenfield Prize

World-class artistic creators of all disciplines are invited to work at the Hermitage Artist Retreat with a "bank" of six weeks of time and two years to "spend" that time in any increment they choose. Our artists live and work in — and are inspired by — five "Old Florida" buildings that have been lovingly restored into living space and studio space. Fifteen miles of Gulf of Mexico beach stretch north and south and endless miles of aquamarine water reach to the western horizon where the sun sets in glory each and every night.
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The Greenfield Prize at the Hermitage Artist Retreat is a groundbreaking partnership between the Philadelphia-based Greenfield Foundation and the Hermitage Artist Retreat. Pursuing the mission "to bring into the world works of art that will have a significant impact on the broader or artistic culture," the prize seeks to identify individuals whose past work and future prospects position them to achieve this lofty and ambitious goal. The $30,000 prize in the form of a commission is awarded annually, and rotates each year among three areas; drama, music, and a "wild card." In the "wild card" years, the prize may be awarded in any field or combination of fields, or themes in an effort to accommodate new forms, fields, technologies, and the blending of traditional disciplines.

The Hermitage Artist Retreat along with the Greenfield Foundation are pleased to announce that Painter Trenton Doyle Hancock is the winner of the $30,000 Greenfield Prize, awarded this year in visual art. Hancock was selected from a small group of finalists that included Nicole Eisenman, Maureen Gallace and Byron Kim. The jury that selected Hancock included Dan Cameron, chief curator of the Orange County Museum of Art; Valerie Cassel Oliver, head curator of Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and James Rondeau, chair and Dittmer curator of the department of contemporary art at The Art Institute of Chicago. The award will be presented to Hancock at the annual Greenfield Prize Dinner on Sunday, April 21, in Sarasota, FL.

We congratulate Trenton and look forward to meeting him in April. The award presentation is the official kick-off for a two-year process in which he will create a new work of art or body of work that eventually will be shared with art lovers across the country and around the world. Bob Greenfield’s vision when he created the Greenfield Prize was to support individual artists in a way that would allow them to work unencumbered by boundaries and create meaningful work that impacts our society. We look forward to doing whatever we can to assist Trenton in fulfilling that goal.

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