Friday, February 14, 2014

LAST opportunity to meet MICHAEL TORLEN @ ARTLAB78

You are welcomed to take a look this SATURDAY february 15 from 3 to 6 pm

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Remember the idea for ARTLAB78


ARTLAB78 is a new experimental exhibition space in NYC where invited artists are given the opportunity to show their work in an intimate setting to a selected audience composed of  artlovers, critics, journalists, designer, artists and friends.
ARTLAB78 will be
  • a gallery space, as the work is for sale
  • a meeting place for the artist and audience, and
  • a center for dialogue.
It will also serve as a short-term residence for an artist, if the artist is not living in New York City.
ARTLAB78 draws its inspiration from
  • Alfred Stieglitz’s galleries: 291, “Intimate Gallery, and ” An American Place;
  • Roy Neuberger and patrons like him who decided to help living artists; and
  • Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney who trusted her own taste and provided exhibition opportunities for artists.
It’s a terrific adventure and you’re invited to share in it with Laurence and Franck Neron-Bancel.
Laurence and Franck Neron-Bancel curate all exhibitions.
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