Wednesday, February 27, 2013


born in ROMA but living in NEW JERSEY! we got to know her...
the connection?
seen at the Salmagundi Club!...
Isabella Pizzano was born in Rome, Italy, where she earned a B.A. in Fine Arts specializing in clay sculpture. While residing in N.J. she exhibited her sculptures in numerous national and international shows such as the prestigious competition of "Artistic Ceramics" in Faenza, Italy. As a gallery owner in N.J. she presented many talented artists working with different media as well as providing consulting services to many corporations and private collectors. For the past twelve years she participated in multiple workshops under national renowned teachers in multimedia. She then started to develop her own compositions. Today her work is mostly abstract expressionism and she likes to experiment with different techniques, mostly water media, inks, and collages, using rare and archival papers. In China, Isabella experienced a cultural art exchange with local artists as well as conducting several workshops and demonstrations of Western Art Techniques.


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