Saturday, June 8, 2013

Recommendation Restaurant Lower East Side with a garden : GROTTO

100 Forsyth Sreet
New York, NY 10002
more infos:

Hidden on the fringes of the Lower East Side and Chinatown, a set of stairs bring you into a cozy space, filled with the scent of herbs, freshly prepared foods and hospitality.

Inspired by many summers in the south of Italy and the typical small island restaurants, this inconspicuous Lower East Side sou-terrain was turned into a small cozy osteria with a lush romantic garden in the midst of our frenzied city. In 2003 “Grotto” was born and has been serving a NYC crowd of regulars and aficionados ever since.
Keep walking through the "Dark Room"
and the Garden will reveal itself. You first stumble upon a cherry tree and its circular seating, cozy candlelight and over abundant vegetation. Look further to the left and you will see "The Romano", a thirty seat wooden pergola surrounded by hanging ivy and wisteria.
Our garden is always open, weather permitting, including Sundays. Its capacity is 90 people for a seated event.
Please contact us if you wish to host your celebration in New York City's best kept secret.

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