Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Anyone interested in a studio Visit?

A friend of mine told me about David Loeb, painter living not too far and willing to welcome us and share his work.
David speaks french very well not only because his wife is french but he also lived in France.

This is an opportunity I always encourage to be able to meet the artist and discuss We can easily set up one day or Saturday to go and visit him.In the meantime, this is his "statement":
I am essentially a portraitist; and for me, portraiture is human still life; likewise, still life
suggests the figure and humanity. In both cases, structure mirrors a particular
personality or set of psychological inter-relationships. My goal is to create order and
beauty… to pose and provoke the big questions… and to evoke a world of paradox
and transformation.
check his work at ,also at or

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