Friday, September 28, 2007

RAPPEL ARMONK ce week end Sept 29-30

EDGARD REIMS is another artist we love to see again and again @ Armonk
Check his website by clicking on the title of the post... which starts with.."Claude Monet once said, "I don't paint a tree; I paint the air between the tree and my eye." This I think captures the challenge and appreciation of pure impressionistic painting. Although my oils are done from nature, I wouldn't describe them as purely impressionistic. Proper color is paramount, creating atmospheric effect, but I try to bring more of a feeling of place to my work. It is gratifying to know that "plein-air" painting has maintained its niche among the varied styles and concepts of late twentieth century art. These paintings should be appreciated for what they are - little slices of fleeting daylight, moments in nature that are ever changing.

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