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Frozen food in New York ? ....Forget Picard and discover BABETH'S FEAST

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Our concept

Each day is packed with have-to-do’s, but you still treasure the simple pleasure of taking the time to share exceptional food with family and friends. And when you do, you want to know it is fresh and delicious every time, even when you can’t make it yourself.
At Babeth's Feast you can find the food you love, ready when you are, with a delightful selection of dishes which are flash frozen to preserve their nutritive value as well as their delicious taste. You can rely on our attention to detail and the care we put into each dish; whether it is a dinner with family, a Sunday brunch with friends or a date with yourself, every meal will become your own feast!
Babeth's Feast. My Other Kitchen.

Our origin

I discovered frozen food in France in my late 20’s. Although French people are notoriously picky about food, shopping daily at specialty shops and markets for ingredients, I noticed habits beginning to shift and that an additional stop was being made to another type of specialty shop: the frozen food store.
I had just moved to Paris, and wanted to entertain my friends at home. With an interest in food but having a busy work day, I had no time to consider preparing a full meal in the evening. Instead, I invited my friends over for drinks and began buying frozen hors d’oeuvres by the dozen to complement them. All I had to do was either let them thaw in the refrigerator, or heat them in the oven for a few minutes before serving them. At last I could enjoy the food as well as the company of my guests.
On weekends, I could experiment much more freely. Each Sunday I would shop for a more elaborate assortment of products from an amazing variety of frozen pastries, appetizers, soups, quiches, meats, pasta, desserts etc … With these at hand I was able to serve an impressive brunch buffet-style. Additionally, I was able to add a personal touch each time, and my guests never guessed the origin of my creativity; this was my best kept secret. Amusingly, my friends came to call our generous Sunday meal: “Babeth’s Feast”.
Since moving to New York, I have been unable to find a store providing the quality and variety of frozen food that would allow me to easily and spontaneously entertain friends and family at home. I did not want to be limited to calling a caterer or ordering in. Hence, after carefully sourcing excellent products, and development of my own recipes, I decided to launch Babeth’s Feast in my new home town.
Babeth’s Feast’s selection includes traditional French recipes already known in the US, as well as others which are re-interpreted in a more American way. Our line also embraces delectable breakfast items and pastries, tasteful appetizers, elaborate hors d’oeuvres, healthy vegetables, versatile sauces and spreads, mouth-watering desserts, and unique ice-creams. Whether you decide to share the secret of your masterfully crafted meal with friends or keep it to yourself, our assortment will always delight you.
Elisabeth -Founder, Babeth's Feast

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