Monday, October 8, 2007

2 reasons for publishing this post:

1)Nurture Art Gallery is a favorite among Galleries in Williamsburg. I mentionned them earlier as we were very well welcome by Benjamin
2) Leah Oates showed recently in Pool Art Fair and among all the artists presents (exception faite de nos amies du Westchester, of course) she is the one we would have awarded the Jury Prize.
SO take a look, this is a good reason to go to Williamsburg.........

Subjects of Power and Devotion

Oct. 12th - Nov 4th, 2007
Reception: Friday, Oct. 12th, 7 - 9 p.m.
Subjects of Power and Devotion, curated by Fabian Goncalves Borrega, opens at NURTUREart Gallery at 910 Grand Street in Williamsburg on October 12th with a reception from 7-9 p.m. Artists featured in the exhibition are Katia Fuentes, Luis Delgado, Amy Tamayo, Mary Daniel Hobson, and Leah Oates.
Fetishism takes us into the realm where fantasy intervenes in representation... the substitution of an object for some dangerous, powerful but forbidden force.
--Stuart Hall
Subjects of Power and Devotion addresses the object's mysterious ability to attract our attention, our desire, and our intrigue. This ability can simply (or not so simply) derive from the aesthetics of the object, or in many cases the object functions as a placeholder for emotional or otherwise significant human experiences. In the photographs collected for Subjects of Power and Devotion, the objects under the artist's gaze are diverse, from human bodies to fragmentary landscapes, but all explore the way we honor, fetishize, and encode desire, memory and power into material substance, including our own bodies.
Subjects of Power and Devotion is a NURTUREart Emerging Curators' Program Collaboration. Learn more about all NURTUREart's programs and opportunities for emerging artists and curators at

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