Monday, October 22, 2007

WALK in Galleries with Viviane

I receive her email but cannot really recommend her as I never followed 1 of her tours. Check it by yourself
The first stop: "Les Femmes Du Maroc", Lalla Essaydi’s visually arresting, emotionally stunning and socially subversive photographic work of Moroccan women caught in between worlds old and new.

The second stop: The highly personal yet oddly detatched family portaits of William Beckman are masterpieces of restraint—emotion is conjured by its very absence.

The third stop: A decade in the waiting Marc Greenwold’s exhibition is not to be missed:

"Frequently painful in subject matter but fairy-tale-like in atmosphere, unusually small in size yet monumental in their feeling for composition, imbued with a psychoanalytical way of looking at experience and accompanied by the most literary of titles yet driven by the physically painstaking effort of giving every square inch of a painting's surface precisely the same density of texture as every other, Mark Greenwold's pictures are among the most stimulatingly contradictory in contemporary art."
Sanford Schwartz

The forth stop: The award-winning artist John F. Simon will meet us for a private-viewing and discussion on the meaning and methods behind "Winds Across the Inner Sea", his fascinating new exhibition.
WHEN: Tuesday October 23rd and Wednesday October 24th from 11am to 12.45pm
WHERE: Ewynn Houk Gallery
745 Fifth Avenue, 4th floor between 57th and 58th Streets

FEE: 40/walk. Please bring exact change.
Viviane Silvera t/f.212-585-0074

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