Tuesday, March 26, 2013

public Art on Times Square read on AMA website

Installation by Cuban artist Esterio Segura on Times Square

New York, 21 March 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).
The installation, titled Goodbye My Love, will be on display from 18 March to 13 May 2013.
This event is intended to give Times Square’s visitors the opportunity to view major contemporary artworks, with a broad variety of mediums. The installation Goodbye My Love will be visible on Anita’s Way, which links West 42nd Street to West 43rd Street, between 6th Avenue and Broadway.
Esterio Segura is a pioneer of Cuban contemporary art. His installation refers to love in contemporary relationships, where partners often have to live at a distance. The work is therefore twofold, on the one hand the spectator feels joy, and on the other a kind of bittersweet emotion, linked to his affective experience. Works by the artist have a deep resonance with people who had to leave their families and homelands like he did. This installation had been exhibited at the Havana Biennial, which took place in 2012. The exhibition in Times Square offers further visibility to this major emerging artist.
According to the artist “Up until now the manifestations of this subject have been sad ones, even pessimistic, though artful, emphasising the social and political repercussions of migration, banishment and separation among others. In this case, Goodbye My Love uses these issues as well as memories to offer an optimist’s view pointing to the importance of good communication and the interaction of the cultures that have caused these circumstances. New York offers the added value of the enrichment of universal culture, or the globalisation of cultures which has resulted from the intersection of civilisations.”
The Cuban artist graduated in 1994 from the prestigious Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana. As he tries various mediums such as painting, sculpture and installations, Segura uses humorous images in order to convey a political and social view on Cuban history.

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