Monday, May 18, 2015

Ayşe Erkmen ...Answering the question: Art trends: tired of participating

Ayşe Erkmen

One can be a viewer in a cinema, reader of a book, auditor to music... Visual art is particular and varied…, The art viewer never was just a viewer and being just a viewer has become less and less interesting in time… Art is varied in its form, material and location, there is no fixed material nor a standard medium, art's whereabouts can be anywhere: museum, gallery, city, countryside, sea, sky, etc.... Visual art can adopt the form of film, music, book, theater, its physical existence can be anything from paint to air… can be mistaken for not being art or being something else or being nothing. Therefore not participating and being a sole spectator is generally not in the nature of art anyway. But on the other hand there is a fabricated, instructed and studious style of art where the viewer is given the codes of participation and one knows exactly what to do. In this case it is up to the viewer to go along with the guidance or not. There opens a space where one can have the possibility of just looking and passing by or alternatively participating wholly or partly. At this point, participating wholly is a way of making sense of, understanding, and being content. It depends on the viewer whether he/she wants to be fulfilled and satisfied or the artist if he/she wants to please... or puzzle...

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