Friday, May 22, 2015

Sebastian Preuss about art trends: tired of participating?

Sebastian Preuss
Deputy Editor in Chief Weltkunst, Berlin
© ZEIT Verlag/Vera Rammen

Sebastian Preuss

Always more, always something new—that’s not only the case in art, but is the essence of capitalism. And if today we’re experiencing a period of increasingly hectic, increasingly greedy hyper-capitalism, then of course the carousel of purported new sensations is turning faster and crazier in art too. There’s no doubt about that. But the interesting question is: Does art have a chance of countering this development with a new slowness, with more persistence, and with less “innovation”—which the works usually aren’t anyway. I remain pessimistic, as long as art is determined by a completely overheated and unequally distributed market. Artists who want to survive can’t get out of the turbo-spiral. And we viewers—in other words, consumers—are merely children of our age. Fortunately there are a few isolated examples, albeit few and far between, outside of the bonfire of the vanities. And they’re what I’m looking for.

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