Friday, May 15, 2015

I did it..I did paint this black circle..and I received a check of 20$ Tell me what you think: Should I cash it?

The Gavin Brown Enterprise's booth at Frieze. Photo: Courtesy of Marco Scozzaro/Frieze
Gavin Brown's booths tend to try harder to be interesting than most — and usually succeed. In 2013, Brown had horror-camp artist Bjarne Melgaard paint the walls of his Frieze New York booth magenta and fill its labyrinthe arrangement with heaps of neon fleece carpets that made it difficult to walk (sort of a "fuck you" to fairgoers in heels — but then again, the carpets were also for sale, at $12,000 each). In 2012, the booth's centerpiece was Rirkrit Tiravanija's Untitled (Kramer and Newman Make Sausage), a performance in which Brown and the actor Mark Ruffalo grilled sausages and offered them to passersby.
On May 13, the booth resembled something between a sweatshop and a day-care center as attendees who managed to snag a pass to the VIP preview clustered at four collapsible tables, pushing black acrylic paint into eight-inch-diameter circles on square-foot canvases. Attendants behind them used ladders to mount their labors in seven 50-by-50 clusters, each a small work that became part of a bigger one. For the labor, each volunteer willing to make Horowitz’s art for him was compensated with a check for 20 bucks.

Jonathan Horowitz with his work. Photo: @openingceremony
(Not that they were supposed to be cashed: Participants were mostly keeping the checks to be framed, as a Jonathan Horowitz piece. If you did decide to take it to the bank to exchange for an Andrew Jackson, Gavin Brown will see you cashed it and will either think you're punk-rock or a no-class cheapskate. Up to you to risk it.) more;

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